Meet Our Team

When you work with us, here are the bigwigs you'll have on your team backing you up.

Joseph Ranseth

Social Media Strategist

He likes to pretend that he is the brains around here, but we tend to think that he lives on the other side of the line between genius & insanity. Joseph says his gift is singing Enrique Iglesis at karaoke night, but we hired him because he is simply a master at creating crowds that take action.

Crystal Kumpula

Project Manager

Crystal has worked in the business world as a professional problem solver since 1995. Although she is outgoing and assertive when she needs to be (she’s a former President of a business networking group), she actually prefers to productively contribute behind the scenes. In other words, she’s the calm one making sure all the creatives get things done.

Use your superpowers for good, not evil.

If you are an expert at what you do, and have a passion & desire for making the world better, we should talk.

More than a career, a calling

Let’s get it started, shall we?

Tell us how you want to be involved and bring something to the table. If you’re a video master, make a video for one of our cause projects. If you’re a graphic artist, send us something pretty. If you’re a copy writer, publish a post about why you want to work with us to change the world.

Or send us a resume if you’re the old-fashioned type.

Benefits of Working with Vine

  • Work from home in your pajamas if you like
  • Make your own hours
  • Get paid for being a revolutionary who makes the world a better place

Work with us, won’t you?

We’re pretty good to talk to, just give us the topic.